Why are servo presss so expensive?

Since plastic products created using injection molding are generally smaller and more intricate than those created by rotomoulding, there is naturally a higher investment of time and labor involved in creating a servo press, which can ultimately increase the cost.

servo presss offer energy efficiency, reliability, precision, and product versatility. The reduced energy use reduces the heat load on the factory and reduces maintenance and operational costs over the life of the machine.

Why is the servo press good?

servo press can handle extremely complex parts, and uniformity, as well as the ability to make millions of virtually identical parts. To optimize the effectiveness of high-volume injection molding and maximize the precision and quality of your parts, key design elements should be taken into account.

Is the servo press fast?


YES. servo press with Fast production and highly efficient.

servo press can produce an incredible amount of parts per hour. Speed depends on the complexity and size of the mold, anywhere between 15-120 seconds per cycle time.