What is HYBRID injection molding machine?

HYBRID injection molding machines use a servo motor coupled to a hydraulic pump to circulate the oil used to provide the hydraulic pressure which actuates the components of the machine.

HYBRID injection molding machines offer the superior clamping force of hydraulic machines and the precision, repeatability, energy savings, and reduced noise of electric machines.

Kaiming has his own iron foundry, CNC process plant, automatic production line, and assemble & test factory.  Kaiming is a manufacturing and trading combo for HYBRID injection molding machines in China, with rich experience and a professional R & D, sales, and after-sales service team. 

Kaiming has been working with customers to develop and finish the HYBRID injection molding machine projects, to help customers to take the first chance in the competition.

HYBRID injection molding machine have a faster response time, which leads to faster cycles and decreased cycle times. HYBRID injection molding machine also offer more precise controls and a more consistent process due to the encoders that track each turn to the exact rotation position.

On the shop floor, this translates into improved performance for both thin- and thick-walled parts. These HYBRID injection molding machines have become increasingly popular over the last few years due to their efficiency and ease of use.

Kaiming adheres to a good business reputation and establishes a high-quality and fast after-sales service system for HYBRID injection molding machines.