The high-end injection molding machine heats the plastic until it is liquid. The nozzle of the high-end injection molding machine then injects the melted plastic into the mold (injection pressure). The cavity of the mold is now filled with plastic liquid. This will then cool down to form a solid product.


What is the process of the high-end injection molding machine?

The basic manufacturing process of high-end injection molding machine: plastic is melted in the plastic injection molding machine and then injected into a mold under high pressure. There, the material is cooled, solidified, and afterward released by opening the two halves of the mold.

What are high-end injection molding machines used for?

high-end injection molding machine allows for a variety of sizes and shapes to be manufactured quickly, identically, and at a low cost in high volumes. Some of the advantages of injection molding for creating toys are that they are durable, easy to clean, and the endless custom colors that can be used.


How fast can high-end injection molding machine work?

high-end injection molding machine can produce an incredible amount of parts per hour. Speed depends on the complexity and size of the mold, anywhere between 15-120 seconds per cycle time.


Why is the high-end injection molding machine good?

high-end injection molding machine can handle extremely complex parts, and uniformity, as well as the ability to make millions of virtually identical parts. To optimize the effectiveness of high-volume injection molding and maximize the precision and quality of your parts, key design elements should be taken into account.