Servo Hybrid Injection Molding Machine

A servo hybrid injection molding machine is a type of plastic injection molding machine that combines the characteristics of both hydraulic and electric molding machines. It incorporates a hybrid system of hydraulic and electric components to provide improved energy efficiency, precision, and performance compared to traditional hydraulic machines.


Here are some key features and components of a servo hybrid injection molding machine:


Hydraulic System: A servo hybrid machine retains a hydraulic system, but it is typically smaller and used for specific functions like clamping and ejecting. This hydraulic system is driven by a servo motor, which allows for precise and energy-efficient movement.


Electric Drive: The injection and screw movements in a servo hybrid machine are typically driven by electric servo motors. These motors offer high precision and control over the plastic injection process.


Energy Efficiency: One of the primary advantages of servo hybrid machines is their energy efficiency. They use energy only when needed, reducing energy consumption during idle or low-demand periods. This can lead to significant energy cost savings compared to traditional hydraulic machines, which are constantly running.


Precision: The use of electric servo motors for critical movements like injection and screw rotation allows for precise control of the plastic injection process. This precision can result in higher product quality and consistency.


Quiet Operation: Servo hybrid machines tend to operate more quietly than traditional hydraulic machines, which can be beneficial in environments where noise levels are a concern.


Reduced Heat Generation: Compared to hydraulic machines, servo hybrid machines generate less heat during operation. This can help maintain a stable processing temperature, which is important for certain types of plastics.


Versatility: Servo hybrid machines are versatile and can be used for a wide range of injection molding applications, from small and intricate parts to larger components.


Quick Response: The electric servo motors provide quick response times, which can be advantageous for applications requiring fast cycle times and precision.


Overall, servo hybrid injection molding machines offer a balance between the energy efficiency and precision of electric machines and the power and versatility of hydraulic machines. They are increasingly popular in the plastics industry, especially in situations where energy savings and high-quality production are priorities.

KDK series servo hybrid injection molding machine is innovated and developed on the base of Kaiming’s matured servo motor injection technology. The servo hybrid injection molding machine adopts an energy-saving, high-injection speed design, it’s suitable for small electronic products and medical plastic parts, like cell phone cases. Please feel free to contact us for more detailed information.