Why Is an Automatic Injection Molding Machine Worth Investing In?

Injection Molding

Plastic is heated and melted by an automatic injection molding machine and injected into the cavity of the molding mold for molding. After cooling, the melt solidifies and is demolded to obtain the injection molded product, which is the injection molding process, and the plastic products produced in this way are called injection molding products.

Injection molding has the outstanding advantages of fast production speed, high efficiency, automatic operation, and accurate product size, which makes high-end injection molding machines suitable for injection molding processing fields such as large quantities of complex shape products.

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Benefits of Injection Molding


High Efficiency

The injection molding machine is fully automated to produce plastic products with high production efficiency and easy management of the injection molding process.


High Product Yield

Sorting good products from defective products will cost a lot of labor and time. The scientific molding method with cavity pressure technology can improve the product yield by comparing the process parameters of good products through the injection molding method.

Injection molding can guarantee the structure and size of injection molded parts, allowing you to easily obtain products with good surface quality and stable quality and structure.


Consistent Quality

From the perspective of plastics, consistent plastic process conditions produce consistent quality products. The same set of molds, regardless of the machine used to produce them, can largely guarantee consistent quality if the four parameters of plastic temperature, flow rate, plastic pressure, and cooling time are consistent.


Easy operation

The operation, mold adjustment, and update of the automatic injection molding machine are easy to carry out, which is especially suitable for multi-species production in new product development and can mold various plastic products with complex shapes at one time.


Short Cycle Time & Cost Advantages

Injection molding only requires the strength of the frame to support the weight of the material, the mold, and the frame itself, thus preventing material leakage; while the injection molded material is virtually unaffected by any external forces throughout the molding process, offering advantages such as easy processing and manufacturing, short cycle time and low cost.


Personalized Design

During the injection molding process, the product may have color requirements and may be hollow. Of course, multi color injection molding machines, servo-hydraulic injection molding machines, and more are also available.

In terms of the surface treatment of the products, some injection molding production can achieve the effect of pattern, wood, stone, and metal, thus meeting the individual needs of consumers in modern society.


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Automatic Injection Molding Machine for Sale

High-end and energy-saving injection molding machines can improve your production line, boost sales, and contribute to business success. To meet the needs of different customers, KAIMING has developed a variety of multiple injection molding machine series, including hybrid injection molding machines, servo-hydraulic injection molding machines, pet preform injection molding machines, and MORE.

If you are still unsure if an automatic injection molding machine is right for the job you are planning, or if you have any other questions about injection molding machines, please contact us! As a professional injection molding machine manufacturer and supplier, we will provide you with our expertise and guidance to ensure you get what you need.